Temperature checks/ Screening questions

Please call ahead of your appointment if you have travelled to a listed COVID 19 hotspot in the last 14 days or have had contact with a suspected COVID case or have had respiratory symptoms with or without fever. It is recommended you stay at home if you are unwell


To prioritise your safety whilst in our facility your temperature will be checked on arrival and we will ask you some screening questions to assess your risk for coronavirus.

You may be asked to wear and mask and given further advice to best guide your treatment on the day


Please check the latest COVID 19 confirmed cases location list and follow advice as given on NSW Health website

Hand Hygiene

Stop the spread

There is hand sanitiser at various locations around the office.


We ask that everyone use this on entry, if you don't see one please ask one of our staff.

How to use hand sanitiser

Social Distancing

Minimising waiting room time

Our waiting room has limited space. The  chairs have been spaced to observe social distancing rules. Please aim to be at least 1.5m away from each other as much as possible.

Please bring only one support person with you to your appointment and ensure they are also well

Your appointment may include waiting time for additional tests as needed. To minimise your waiting time in the office we may ask you to wait outside and SMS you when your appointment time is due

Further Testing

Echo, ECG, Stress Testing, Device Checks, Monitors

We are very aware of minimising your risk whilst underdergoing procedures at our practice. We have streamlined our imaging and stress test protocols to ensure they are efficient as possible. We are no longer able to do spirometry, but our holter monitor, 24hr BP machines and device checks will go ahead as normal

Please note you may be asked to wear a mask if necessary during some procedures

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use with alcohol based wipes/disinfectant sprays

Telehealth Appointments

New option for care with your Cardiologist

We are aiming to offer more and more appointments via telephone. This will enable you to discuss your symptoms and progress with a cardiologist in a 15-30min phone call rather than face to face. If you need further testing this can be organised as soon as possible.